Military vs. Press

For those of you who wonder why there can be stress between the press and the military. Thank the Communist News Network for having such wonderful individuals that make such un-patriotic comments like the following:


Mon Jan 30 2006

21:56:52 ET CNN's top war correspondent Christiane Amanpour now says the Iraq war has been a disaster and has created a "black hole." Amanpour made the comments Monday evening on the all-news network.

"The Iraq war has been a disaster, and journalists have paid for it," Amanpour explains to Larry King, a day after ABC NEWS anchor Bob Woodruff was hit injured by a bomb."

She goes on the mention all the groups of people who have died, yet the American soldiers seem to fall short of her list. Anyone can tell me I am being picky, but I have that right. Just as much as she has the right to say what she did. My prayers are with any journalist hurt or killed, I would rather not a single soul be injured. But remember soldiers have to be there, and no matter how big of a case you want to try and make, the journalists simply do not. That does not mean the military wants them dead, but it is a war and people die. You should not receive special treatment because you have a blue helmet and vest, and to Christiane’s surprise the enemy doesn’t give special treatment. She fails to mention that it is not the US Military putting bullets in journalists, a journalist can go to parts of Africa where the US is not fighting a war and be killed.

It is outlets like that, with reporters like her that do a giant disservice to the press.