Berkley Sucks. (UPDATED)


C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Yeah, I mean those Marines never did anything for the United States of America. What a bunch of losers that sit around!

The true heroes of this world are the fine people of Berkeley, California.

With their help we have been able to for over 200 years defend our country and fight the evils in the world. For it is the people of Berkeley that do not just sit and speak about their desires for world peace. They are the ones that have gone off to all corners of the world to fight and defend the defenseless. Thank you Berkeley for YOUR service this the greatest country off all. It is with your help it is possible. You serve as the countries warning beacon, sign if you will.

warn_slipsurf warn_handclear

You are for the morons out there that do not know of danger and stupidity. Or children! For those who cannot process danger out you come as the little diagram that even a simple minded 3 year old can understand. You represent what is wrong with America! I do not choose to hinder free speech, but for any government to step in and not just propose a resolution, but pass it that says the United States Marine Corps are "uninvited and unwelcome guests" is disgusting and frankly un-patriotic to a degree I have yet to comprehend. Why you would expect any protection by the government and people you say f' off to I do not know.

America is fortunate to have an umbrella of security that will ultimately protect all, including your ignorant USMC bashing pathetic asses. If I had my way I would poke a nice hole in the umbrella over your heads and let the wrath of the world rain down on you in a way that would have you begging the USMC for an ark. What you should be told at that point would be "you didn't support us we won't support you." But since the military is made up of more patriotic and brave individuals than yourself... they will be there to help you up, only to have you return the gesture by spitting upon them.


Look at that Marine. What a son of a bitch, you wouldn't want his ilk amongst you...of course not. Because then he might rub off on you a bit and make you realize that you should do something for your country instead of just beating it up.

Democrats 2006

Your friends shown above. Since that graphic was made the only direction they have taken things is down hill. Their poll numbers at pathetic rates and still unable to accomplish anything. From my state Hoyer said they will work hard, five days a week. That worked for a bit. Now I think the democratic leadership runs things what 1 day every other month? While I try not to paint things with a broad brush you have failure to saupport the military, Reid saying the war was lost then having to eat his words, but now Pelosi saying the surge didn't work. I am forced to ask the question. "What the fuck is wrong with you people?"

Anti-War Vandals

Don't worry, we have become used to the fact that we cannot count on you, so we will fight all the wars, you will bitch all the way, hate the country, yet at the same time be more than willing to bask in the safety and prosperity of the country. Stand up characters you are Berkeley. But now your arm is being twisted a bit. Everyone thought you learned your lesson after Vietnam. DON'T SPIT ON THE TROOPS. You were too busy to pay attention and now the nation called you on it. You have the right standing up for the Marines, the left and Code Pink out there bashing them, then the oh so rich fact that the lunatic Westboro "Baptist Church" will be there to protest EVERYONE! Berkeley I would like you to tell me what other country in the world can you have a protest, counter-protest, and a protest protesting the groups AND marines?

So now the city council has begun to realize it stepped in it, looked back to see what it stepped in, tripped, rolled over in it, and while trying to get up fell face first in to IT!

Two council members are proposing a new resolution, of course not out of the goodness of their heart but because they realize they are now hated by 90% of the country. Oh and they may not get federal money, maybe that encouraged this little blurb from one of the council "ladies."

In a joint press statement, Capitelli and Olds said: “We failed to make it clear that while we continue to
oppose what we consider an unethical and illegal war in Iraq, at the same time we respect and honor all the brave men and women who are serving or have served in the military … We have erred by not adequately differentiating between the war and the warriors.”

Capitelli and Olds also said in the press statement: “The recommendation to inform the Marine Corps recruiting office that they are not welcome in our city, was insulting, hurtful and wrong.”

Really? For a bunch of peace loving ultra hippies that are supposed to be open armed and loving...you did a really bad job.

At Tuesday night's council meeting, Berkeley politicians will also consider measures that would condemn the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border as well as a request to Canadian leaders to grant sanctuary for U.S. war resisters.

Just when you thought they were making amends, nah why not go for one last dig? So I will do the same. Berkeley: you put the "UC" in "SUCK."

[UPDATE 02132008 0250hrs]
So tonight was the protest, counter-protest, and hearing. I do not know how the vote went but I think you will all find this quote quite interesting.

"We want voters to be able to decide...just like they have a say whether a liquor store or porn shop opens near a school," said Jodie Ebans, a Berkeley yoga studio owner who co-founded Code Pink.

That is right for those Marines out there, or parents of Marines: They/you are nothing more than glorified liquor store or porn shop cashiers. I don't know about you but if my son or daughter came home and told me they had been in the liquor store or a porn shop, I'd feel different than if they had been thinking about serving their country. Maybe that is just me? Berkeley DISGUSTS me.