Defend the homeland, missile defense.


“What if free people could live secure in the knowledge that their security did not rest upon the threat of instant U.S. retaliation to deter a Soviet attack, that we could intercept and destroy strategic ballistic missiles before they reached our own soil or that of our allies?” - President Ronald Reagan, March 23, 1983

It seems as though the paranoia that came hand in hand with the Soviet Communist rule has returned. For a long time I have documented President Putin’s hostile words towards us, his added military actions in our direction, sales of SAMs to Iran, and fury over missile defense.

Our Constitution charges the Federal government to “provide for the common defense” and that is why I have been behind POTUS on making sure it becomes reality. Why would it be hard to understand one good idea to defend the country would be to prevent nuclear warheads from detonating over our heads? Does it stop there? Of course not, however it is one piece of the puzzle.

In the most recent trip by POTUS, NATO has invited Croatia and Albania to join. Of course as more countries join Putin has become more and more tense. I suppose it is not good for him to not be able to manhandle countries, knowing they have others willing to support them. Who supports Russia? They make friends by selling arms to Iran and communist regimes. My tears are just that of sweet joy hearing Putin complain over our plans for radar and interceptors in Europe.

Why so? He knows full well that the interceptors cannot impact his missile force, nor could the limited number of 10 interceptors threaten Russia’s vast ICBM power. In addition the radar used is directed in a certain position, meaning it is not going to be doing this so called “invasion” on Russian national security. So Putin cries over two problems…THAT ARE NOT REAL! If you have to resort to making up problems either things are going very well for you, or you are trying to misdirect people from looking at the real problems. I feel he is trying to misdirect people away from the fact he is making an effort to restore the Soviet ways.

As we have Iran pushing forward in nuclear development, Israel took out a site in Syria where nuclear work was being done with the help of North Korea. As Israel now reportedly confirms this to Japan it only heightens the reasoning for having a system to protect out allies in Europe (and the USA as their range increases in future years) from ballistic missile threats and ICBMs from the middle east.

Another welcomed change is that of congressional democrats not using there time to DESTROY the idea of missile defense. In the past you had a variety of democrats either attacking the overall idea of MD, saying it was too expensive, or of course that it didn’t work. Tests continue to show progress and success. Just think the most recent GAO numbers say that out of 20 tests, 80% were successful. Oh, and of the 20% failed, half of them failed because there was a failure on part of the target missile. So in reality 80% succeeded, and 10% failed due to the missile defense interceptor. I’d like to ask congress if they manage to get 80% of their proposed legislation through.

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