UNDISCLOSED -- As the USSR begins to wage a very HOT war that started out with cyber attacks; now comes talk of suspending, if not ending, the USAF Cyber Provisional Command. To be blunt... I think this is stupid. Really stupid. I have always advocated missile defense and protecting our space assets and communication (cyber).
"The Russians just shot down the government command nets so they could cover their incursion," said Wynne. "This was really one of the first aspects of a coordinated military action that had cyber as a lead force, instead of sending in air planes. We need to figure out a way not only see the attack coming but to block it, and in blocking it chase it home."

"I think this is a very poor time to send a signal that the United States is not interested in focusing on warfighting in the cyber domain," Wynne added.

I happen to strongly agree with the former SECUSAF.