Fear Propaganda, it is not!

There are those out there that are clueless and will believe this is just “fear propaganda.” They are just placing themselves and the rest of us in danger. After years of support of missile defense, I am now worried about its future. Even under President Clinton, missile defense was funded. POTUS-E Obama wishes to end support of missile defense that does not work. Well that is why it is called “in development.” We did not fly overnight either and I hope Obama realizes it. We had finished the commitments to placing the radar and interceptors in European allies countries…will this be reversed under an Obama administration that fails to understand the dangers and national security? Many of his advisors are Clinton era folks who seemed to brush off a figure named Osama Bin Laden.

We have a world building momentum…

“Cuban President Raul Castro will visit Russia next year, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, in a new sign that Moscow is reviving a Cold War-era trade and military alliance."

There was a time when the United States had missiles much closer than 33 minutes away. Now those ties are growing again.

“Moscow was Havana's main benefactor during the Cold War but the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 dealt a heavy blow to Cuba's economy. Relations soured in the 1990s.

Medvedev said the two countries had "overcome that pause" and contacts were now intense. Perez Roque handed Medvedev an invitation to visit Cuba, NTV television said.”

I am the first to admit there is plenty I do not know about, but missile defense is vital to our national security. I support it, and believe in the need to help our allies in Europe defend themselves from the point in time when Iran loses its temper. I do not think we should stand by as the USSR places OFFENSIVE missiles aimed at our European allies. If they are willing to do it there why do you think they are reestablishing ties in Latin America?

“Moscow has been taking a greater interest in Latin America, a strategy that political analysts and diplomats say has more to do with selling arms to the region than with flexing its muscles under the nose of the United States.”

I disagree and say they are flexing muscles. As Iran fires new missiles, arms sales increase and our enemies coordinate their development of delivery vehicles, and warheads.

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