Stadium Lights on, and legislated waste of IC time.


I for one, and I may be alone, cannot stand this desire for everything to be available to the public. The intelligence community gets it's job done not just with more ease but better and more success in the dark. But the Democrat controlled congress, and possibly in the future Democrat executive will sign off on H.R. 553.

SEC. 210F. OVER-CLASSIFICATION PREVENTION PROGRAM goes on to describe that we just cannot have so much secrecy.

(2) require that all finished intelligence products created by the Department be simultaneously prepared in the standard unclassified format, provided that such an unclassified product would reasonably be expected to be of any benefit to a State, local, tribal or territorial government, law enforcement agency or other emergency response provider, or the private sector, based on input provided by the Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group Detail established under section 210D;
Here you have Congresswoman demanding that BOTH versions be created, before it is even determined if the information will ever be released! It is understandable to fight and make sure law enforcement or emergency responders have the needed (but only needed) information. The main concern I have is "private sector." You have an added pressure of getting the IC to create two documents at once, the one actually needed to protect the country. Yet, at the same time create the FOIA version so those "aliens at Area 51" people can snoop around.

We are under attack and the IC is busy. Why would Congress want them using any man power on creating, as I mentioned, a document that may never be released...but also is sitting around to just accidently land on a journaliats lap?

Please refer back to one of my original posts The Primary Problem Between the Press and Military from 3 years ago.