Trust enemies, Deny, and non-transparency.

UNDISCLOSED -- So we have had the flap over the Obama Administration willing to toss missile defense to the wolves on the basis that the USSR and Iran will keep their word. Then we have SECSTATE taking part in tossing eastern Europe & parts of NATO under the bus. Do I need to post the Zucker commercial again to show how trusting our enemies works out?
President Barack Obama said on Tuesday he wanted to work with Russia to resolve a nuclear stand-off with Iran but denied reports he had offered to slow deployment of a missile defense shield in exchange for Moscow's help.
I have an idea. Why doesn't Obama break out some of that good old transparency and release the actual letter sent to the USSR? There came a point in the Cuban Missile Crisis where we made public highly sensitive intelligence to prove what was going on. This letter cannot be nearly as sensitive, and yet the situation we are in is getting closer and closer to "crisis."