Did the White House want to honor Obama as the first black President by using the honorable service of the Tuskegee Airmen and their "Red Tails" flying "next to the President" over the Statue of Liberty?

Air Force Officials have apparently confirmed that the F-16's came from the Alabama ANG not the DC ANG.

Will we ever find out? Probably not. Am I walking down conspiracy theory road, a little bit. But I have no doubt that this president would be more than willing to use and abuse our military to advance himself.

If it was a legit honoring of the service GOOD, and NYC should be willing to honor along with the rest of us (take a breath, it was not 9/11). But I am seriously concerned that this White House will politicize the military more than any other in history. This does not bode well for the military, hence our national security, hence OBAMA IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA.