White House wants to cyber stalk you.

We all know how the Obama Administration is trying to get Americans to turn on one another and snitch...directly to the White House. But I suppose they don't trust America to turn on itself because they seem to be ready to switch from passive radar to active radar:
A policy change under review by the White House would allow the federal government to begin tracking Internet traffic on its Web sites.

Since 2000, government Web sites have been banned from using cookies, which are identifying codes collected when a computer visits a Web site. When the computer returns, the Web site remembers the previous visits. The ban was enacted as a privacy protection. Since then, using cookies has become more common, and two weeks ago the White House announced plans to overturn the policy.
White House to Open Gate on Tracking Web Browsing
...all the way back in January that YouTube videos embedded on the redesigned White House Web site had been using the video-sharing site's tracking cookies.