Castro and His 2nd Cold War.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- There is a new Cold War and, what good Cold War doesn't involve a missile crisis? Of course like any good show the second one has to be better. The first Cold War involved 2 countries, the missile crisis introduced a 3rd party player for a short time. I now introduce the players.

Nothing better than to pick up where we left off. Russia, land of well, snow. They spent many years toe-to-toe with us and now plan to again. I understand the people out there saying "no...no" you are being over-dramatic! Am I?

"President Vladimir Putin boasted Tuesday that Russia has
new missiles capable of penetrating any missile defense system and said he had briefed the French president on their capabilities."

So glad that Russia and France are becoming good buddies. I guess it fits since "
France secretly upgrades capacity of nuclear arsenal" as I suppose they want some way to be able to puff their tiny little chest out. But as Russia has continued over the past months to talk about the new amazing missiles they have created, what is the one fact always included in the statements? The new ability to pierce any anti-missile system. Now I ask you to stop reading for a moment and think, how many countries around the world have even mentioned, much less actually have a missile defense system? Only the good old US of A. So Putin is proud of a missile that may or may not carry nuclear weapons and is able to violate US airspace.

Russia is developing a missile to hit the United States homeland.

Well it has been established that there is little chance of a major power using an ICBM. So the end result is a situation that is not great but containable, Putin is a sane man. So I thought until I ran across "Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday
he intended to invite to Moscow the leaders of the Islamic militant group Hamas, which won Palestinian elections last month."

The man developing missiles to strike CONUS, has decided it would be dandy to establish a good relationship with Hamas. Of course, why not that is good. I like my nuclear powers hanging out with terrorist organizations.

As not to confuse all, let's stay on RED. China comes in to the picture, this is a short segment since I tell you this technology is unlikely to be up and running next week, if at all. It is not so much the idea that it will be running next week, or at all. It is the simple fact that Red China is thinking about the idea of blowing our satellites out of "the sky."

Then we have our cherry on top so to speak.

We have our lunatic new President of Iran, as we all now know that the Holocaust never happened, and his right to have nuclear weapons. Which would make sense, for that would make it much easier for him to destroy Israel.

People like him you just wish he would stick where he is and we could contain him, but to bring the whole story full circle...

Drum roll please!

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly accepted an invitation to visit Cuba from President Fidel Castro, in gratitude for Cuba's support of Iran's nuclear program."

Ahh back to the sunny paradise 90 miles south of the Keys, where the most intense standoff of the Cold War I took place. And no better reason for Castro to support him, not because of a communist connection, not becuase he "hates Bush", but because of his support of a nuclear program.

In conclusion, am I saying there will be Russian missiles, with nuclear tips from Iran, smuggled unseen because China will have blinded our satellites? No. But the problem exists that there are many problems that need to be covered.

Many of these problems will not be resolved with words in the United Nations, they will be resolved just like they were in the Cold War... We are bigger than you! We can destroy you quicker than you can us. If anything the fact that Russia in some form is involved is a nice aspect, you can deal with a country that cares about itself, like Russia, more than one like Iran that is willing to make all people of Iran suicide bombers by using a nuclear weapon knowing they will be blown off the face of the earth.