Stand up for the SECDEF (UPDATED, again)

C.I.R. Press Alert

It should come as no surprise that I have a great deal of respect for the SECDEF and his contributions to America in his many years of service over his life. Thank you Secretary Rumsfeld. As for the potential charges in Germany, if they go through with them I have 2 things:

1) I will never buy anything German again nor give them a dime of my money in tourism.

2) Let’s see how bi-partisan the new congress is willing to be. Are they going to stand up and at a minimum back their fellow American and push to keep any such investigation amongst Americans, or are they going to start sending Americans abroad for trial. If that is the case it means administration officials, politicians that essentially voted for the war, soldiers, agents in the intelligence community may all be in the crosshairs.

I wish the republicans had won, but they did not. But are democrats willing to stand up for their fellow Americans or is the hatred still enough to start tossing those we don’t agree with to other countries? To the hate the right wing, Bush, and all in the administration people I ask you to push your elected officials to investigate if you really feel it is needed but also to stand up for our fellow Americans and not allow other countries to hi-jack our country and supersede our own system.


Over at Huffington Post let us just look at the FIRST response to this...
"If their eventual executions were put on pay-per-view the proceeds could pay off the Federal Debt."

Then a few more responses later...
"They should spruce-up one of the ovens at Auschwitz, and add Lieberman to the indictment. This time, they'd be on the side of the angels."

And later another supporter of Germany returning to their Nazi ways...
"As far as the oven at Auschwitz, I don't care if they pump gas into it after Lieberman and his ilk are enclosed, perhaps they could just add a soupcon of attack dogs, as was done at Abu Graib."

Great people, I wish I could associate myself with them. The real irony of calling the administration "Nazi's" for so long and then how to punish them? Fire up the ovens? My god! And go after Lieberman, put him in an oven because he beat Lamont?

The witchhunt shall begin. They will go after all, in every country until they get the blood they so desire.

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