Oh Senator, There you go again...

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– Senator Kerry just said one of the dumbest things ever on FNS:

“While we knew they probably were cheating, we were on a road where we had them in the non-proliferation treaty.”

So it is ok for us to believe in a treaty that basically goes off honesty, a commitment that you will not build nuclear weapons or spread the technology to other states. Well think about that for a second. Kerry may have thrown up the most blatant red herring of all time. In the very same sentence he admits the regime is dishonest, cheated, and was developing back to and since 1997 (I believe was the time frame Wallace was speaking of). Then in the next breath implies all would have been well because they were part of the NPT?

You just admitted they are cheaters and basically you cannot believe a word out of their mouth, but they will follow the NPT? You must be kidding. Is it just me or do even supporters of the Senator think that was a dumb thing to say?

I am not even going to go much in depth with his “Bush Bomb” comments and what not and his “mislead us arguments” which is a joke. They got almost identical intelligence. And if they think the President is such an idiot, what does that say of them… in their words I guess they were bamboozled by an idiot. I contend it is not the President that is an idiot Senator.

And for fun, all the left likes to make fun of some of President Bush’s verbal road-bumps. I must say it is funny to have the Senator sitting there yapping about how bad Bush is and how he is the true patriot because “the truth was out their about his war record.” And then speaking of Senator McCain has a roadbump of his own “patri-id-otic.”


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