Hurting... WHO?

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The democrats want to show how the GOP is hurting OUR (“our” is the key here) troops. Ok, if my whole point here is to show how much the left cares about the military and why I, personally and others, do not feel they can do the job…

Come on! This is pathetic! They put up a photo of a soldier of another country? Now come on. This is the soldier of another country or a US soldier horrifically out of uniform, that would not be overlooked. Those that support the DNC have to be embarrassed by this to some degree! I went to the iStockphoto site to see how they got the photo. I searched “soldier” my results show: Page 1)2 images, 2)1, 3)4, 4)0, 5)7, 6)2, etc. etc. Numerous photos of US Soldiers, and I stopped at page 25 still not coming across the photo in question.


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ORIGINAL, Hot Air, Florida Cracker, Little Green Footballs, Democratic Party (I assume this will be gone soon.)

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