A Pacifist That Acknowledged the Threat

C.I.R. Press Editorial

UNDISCLOSED – Today we see the fight over treatment of detainees that want nothing more than to kill us. Pacifists crying out “war is not the answer.” Well my friends, this is not a war of choice… terrorists attacked us on 9/11. As the Nazis built their power we looked the other way, much as we had leading up to 9/11. Even with attacks on barracks and embassies overseas we wanted to believe it was a danger to be only seen on the other side of the oceans. You would have thought the 1993 WTC bombing would have changed the "this is a law enforcement issue" mentality.

9/11 should be our clear warning sign that this is not overseas anymore, and the rhetoric from the Islamic terrorists should not be shrugged off as just their best dreams and our worst nightmares. It is a reality! Yet we have infighting here in the US over how nice we must be to those captured, how we must always maintain the moral high ground. That is worth nothing when we treat our Constitution as a “suicide pact.”

No the terrorists are not an industrialized country, however their intentions are not that different than the Nazis… world domination, raising the “Muslim flag over the White House.” How have we come to a point in time where we forget every lesson learned? After Pearl Harbor we did not wonder how to be nice to people! We figured out how in the hell to crush them, and after we were assured safety that was the time to begin normalized relations.

You do not solve the problem by pretending violence is not the answer! In this case it is, the terrorist plan to die either at our hands or in their hopes by their own while dragging thousands of innocents with them… intentionally. I take not issue with those who hate war, who are pacifists. I do not want war, I don’t want death. I take issue with the pacifists that refuse to take on the issue that when the other side does not want peace, you cannot have a peace unless you bring them to their knees or kill them. “Kill them dead.”

That is why I would like to remind you of a very smart man, a life-long pacifist. Who is the man I speak of? Albert Einstein. It was thanks to his status in the world that made his letter the beginning for a nuclear bomb. He was a democratic socialist that realized when threats are on the horizon, you MUST make a stand. Later of course he worked towards getting rid of “the bomb.” Quoted once saying: "I do not know how the Third World War will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

He acknowledged not wanting war but sometimes it is not a choice. Where is the pacifist today, not calling for a weapon that destroys all within sight… but simply saying, “I may not like this, but turn the freezer and stereo up”? In today’s war our Little Boy and Fat Man will come in the form of intelligence gathering. But we have people on left and right trying to take the wheels off the modern day “Enola Gay.”

I sincerely apologize for the fact that the terrorists will not divulge needed information over a Starbucks cup of coffee, but do we want to win this struggle or just stand on the sidelines throwing wrenches into the intelligence community’s work? This is a sad sign, we are fighting a war not trying a court case of a murderer. We are trying to use captured terrorists to prevent more attacks, why does it seem that there is such a large following of people that are looking out for the rights of these terrorists as opposed to the rights of US Citizens lives to continue?


Losing Our Will to Win by Ed Koch (h/t The_City_Troll)