Real Deal Nut, so funny I couldn't resist. Sorry.

I know you shouldn’t feed trolls, but this back and forth took place over at “The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth” and I just found it so funny, I had to make a post out of it. Rob, and myself were having a typical “you’re wrong, no you’re wrong” mature debate, seriously… no sarcasm on that. Then this random kook posted Anonymously. He has been banned from many a sites including this one. This was his original post in regards to a conversation regarding “National Strategy for Combating Terrorism.”

"[NAME OF BOOK,EDITED AS TO NOT GIVE ANY CREDIT]" is the factual recount of my victimization by the intelligence community and it's media proxies, corporate proxies and gang proxies. There is one copy in print and it's for sale on eBay. I am going to drum up some interest in the English Language China Daily Blogosphere. You remember me. I have dropped some of my catch phrase to now more accurately characterize my torturers" Plutocratic fascist naziesquely orwellian roveianlly infanticidal americana ". They almost got lucky and killed me in the year 2000. Things are going to be different really soon. No hard feelings but the truth won't be kind to them.
What follows is a reply to him at the end of a comment I was making to Rob, then he breaks out the REAL deal lunatic rant. Cindy step aside! (I am going to edit out the expletives. Noted with *)


You nut, I wouldn’t be willing to pay the postage to read the crap that spews from your demented mind. If all that really happened why don’t you turn over your one copy to the DoJ? Or the New York Times? Anyone? Oh, because it is a load of *horses--t*."

Hey you Fascist little puke satan worshipping yank. You really are an ass, ASS. Pre pearl harbor american lobbyists bought Chinese revolutionaries there own *f---ing* air force to battle the Japanese Imperial Army. Your terrorists. Blue chip american corporations paid for hitler's political campaign, rise and their profits increased by a multiple of ten,10. Your american super power status was achieved by your support of adolf hitler and waiting out most of the war while the other super powers killed each other off. america is the instigator of WW II on multiple fronts and 60 million people perished. Wake up and smell the evil *s—t* cause you're it. america has been the biggest sponsor of terrorism for years. saddam hussein was your proxy and came long before Hezbollah and saddam was allowed to rule so he could terrorize the Middle East for america. You supported him just like hitler and then had to go
in and take your own man out just like hitler and your nazi blue chip buddies. Pearl Harbor was no surprise, 911 was no surprise. saddam hussein was your man and donny rumsfeld introduced him to all your corporate buddies to sell him the pre cursors to make WMD's. rumsfeld has been a busy beaver selling nuclear technology to lots of dictators. You are satan.I did send my book to the nytimes and they work for the pentagon you *f---ing* piece of yankee *s---*. Then again the media silence pre WW II was bought and paid for by your blue chip corporations while seven million Jews were extinguished. I have been providing your *f---ing* loser intelligence community with better intelligence than any single person you have in intelligence. Your *f---ing* intelligence community tried to kill me and failed. Most recently I gave the brits some huge intel right before their latest arrests. The media works directly for the pentagon. corporate america is a huge proxy for the pentagon and so is every piece of *s--t* criminal and gangster. If you claim to be in intelligence once more and insist that the pentagon doesn't use organized crime and street thugs to maintain the plutocracy you really are the plutocratic fascist naziesquely orwellian roveianlly infanticidal murderous lying thieving yank I keep calling you. Haiti is another place where it is openly acknowledged that the cia used street thugs to maintain the plutocracy in power. Get a *f---ing* life you piece of *s--t* murderer. You are satan and everything you do destroys Christianity. You aren't a democracy you are a very carefully groomed and maintained plutocracy. *Horses--t* huh, we will see, frankly I thought it was your favorite breakfast meal next to aborted fetuses with some good old texas salsa. Don't you just love the infant mortality rates in texas. Oh yes that's right mdc is illiterate when it comes to the truth. This is the biggest story to hit in thousands of years and you corrupt satan worshipping americans evil behavior is highlighted and busted. Thousands of people know behind the scenes and very soon I'm going to ram my book up your ass to satisfy your american predeliction for sodomy, al a Albert Louima in the NY police precinct bathroom you God less racist slave trading red neck. The first time I've sworn on the internet and you deserve it and more. Hurricane season is still hot and you can expect the weather to play hop scotch with you brain dead red necks in the south. You americans raid the world playing king herod trying to kill off all the alpha males in every country on the planet, cold war strategy. mdc is a *f---ing* juvenile idiot and you aint in intelligence analysis. You can try and stir up *s--t* in hell but I guarantee you you're a bit player and no stud. Here comes the boom asshole.