Hide the kids, the draft is coming...

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – I need some help from the lefties out there. You are against the war in Iraq, and believe it is a massive failure due to a litany of reasons. I ask you not to roll out the talking points here as I am going to do my best to refrain from using right talking points.

How in the world does one go from saying the Iraq war is a mistake and troops should be “re-deployed within the region.” That troops are “killing in cold blood.” To voting for and now saying that the draft should be reinstated? If things are so FUBAR in Iraq why are you going to send more people there Rep. Murtha?

“Two years ago, I was one of only two in the House of Representatives who voted for a draft, because I believe if we are a country truly at war, the burden should be shared proportionately and fairly.”
I don’t understand this, we are in a time of war so the burden should be shared. As opposed to putting that burden on the military, you know those guys (and gals) that train to fight wars and have now been called up to fight one. Regardless of what you think of the war I think all can agree if a war will be fought it will be fought by the military. It is a massive burden yes, but those in the military know what they signed on for and are willing to make that sacrifice knowing that one day they may be asked to place their life on the line.

“This war is the first protracted conflict in modern times in which our nation has not utilized a draft for additional support.”
For many of those to young to remember, or just are too sidetracked with the easy ways of today… you can still be called up, ‘tis true. The draft never “ended”, it just has not been used in years. One good reason is we have a great military of volunteers that right now does not require the draft. In addition the last thing you want in war is the guy covering your back being a 19 years old that is pissed he was taken away from his frat house and Playstation.

I wish that it wasn’t the case but many would be so bitter they would be horrible on the field. You want people that volunteered. That have been trained, not rushed through training to be cannon fodder. Many young people today are so pissed at the world and authority they disdain the military. However, at the same time love movies about war, love videogames about war, but when push comes to shove want nothing to do with the military and would be more of a liability than an asset.

I want a “willing draft” like we have now, people that WANT to serve and volunteer. I wish more young people could know how great military life can be. How wonderful the feeling is to serve your country. But due to peace-nic type professors and the media that deem the military as murders of children, many are turned off.

When they try to argue the numbers compared to WWII, Korea, and Vietnam it is an unfair comparison. This idea that if we are to compare Ahmni-Jihad to Hitler we need to have the 10 million people fighting, what? No, the argument is that he thinks like Hitler not that we will fight the same exact enemy. Incase you have not noticed we have made a few improvements in military hardware, technology, and training since the days of WWII. That can be shown by the number of troops lost on the first days of storming the beaches in comparison to how many we lost in the first days of going in to Iraq.

“So Mr. President, you have two options, either change the course in Iraq and reduce the burden on our overstretched active force or reinstitute the draft. We cannot sustain the current course.”
I’d like to remind Rep. Murtha of huge advancement of our Air Force, our advancement in arms and protection. I must preface the next by saying every life lost is horrible, but one reason you needed so many bodies in WWII and other wars was due to the massive loss of life. As much as opposition to this war want you to believe, in military terms our casualties are small. That Rep. Murtha is why we do not need the draft.

You want to talk about the “politics of fear”, the draft is a good card to use. I ask: How do you go from retreat from Iraq to reinstate the draft and send more people there? I thought that "the US cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily" Rep. Murtha?


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