Tip of the Sword

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oh the Irony. M.u.r.t.h.a. (aka Military Undermining Rhetoric Tactically Helping Adversaries) might just be schooled again in how the Marines are the “tip of the sword”, a sword that cuts both ways. I am sure in combat he learned that (I mean that with all sincerity). But now he will learn after his retirement. Everyone should know how risky being a Marine is, they are “first in.” Murtha sure did jump on the chance to accuse the Marine’s in Haditha of being “cold blooded killers.”

Well now the story in the Washington Times states:

“A criminal defense attorney for a Marine under investigation in the Haditha killings says he will call a senior Democratic congressman as a trial witness, if his client is charged, to find out who told the lawmaker that U.S. troops are guilty of cold-blooded murder.”
I am sure the calls will come that this is unfair, or improperly targeting a long time Marine and war veteran. Too bad, if Murtha wanted to jump out there and use details that may or may not be correct, prior to the end of the investigation, for political reasons he should be held to task for it. I am fairly certain “cold blooded killers” are his own words.

Before the left jumps all over this maybe they should remember how much they say they believe in justice and fair trials. If there is possible evidence that could convict or exonerate a person that should be brought forward without any significant effort or required force. The left got it’s pants all wet over figuring out “who leaked what” during Plame, well don’t you feel the same now? It was a leak, or made up by Murtha. He best put up or shut up.

"But since Congressman Murtha has already judged these guys in public and folks have alleged a Marine Corp cover-up, I'm afraid that the Marine Corps will feel compelled to put these guys on trial to prove the Marine Corps hasn't done anything wrong in terms of a cover-up." -Mr. Puckett

I don’t want garbage about he can’t disclose it because it is politician-constituent communication. Actually why not get a special prosecutor to track down who leaks this material to Murtha? Oh, that is right, because the left can’t stand leaks of any kind UNLESS they come from the NSA or Pentagon. Then they are ok, as to preserve our society. (While at the same time destroying our National Security, but I don’t want to digress.)

Here is his chance to prove what he touts. Is he a “Marine” willing to aid his brothers in arms, or is he the ex-marine political hack that we have all come to know and disdain (See lefties out there, make note I did not say hate… so don’t accuse me of saying I hate Murtha.). Actually, I suppose you can.

Regardless of what comes of the situation, I hope at a minimum this will get some people who have loose lips to maybe keep them shut. I would not be surprised if his glorious oasis of Pentagon contacts thinks twice before providing information (GOOD). Not so much in the past, it would seem he used such information in a fashion to champion the military. Now I can only assume the way he began using information in recent years, was not how expected from his sources. How many times does he need to insult the military as “broken” or “cold blooded killers” before people in the five-side realize he is no friend?