Don't catch him!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I couldn't believe this but the story comes out and I just had to quote some of the reaction. There are actually people that disagree with this image! What in God's green earth are they thinking? This is about an ABC story of Osama being spotted. (h/t Drudge) Just look at some of the replies:

"Bin Laden is moving closer to civilization because he knows Bush won't go after him.That's because Osama works for Bush. Bush planned 911 so he could invade Iraq. Bush is a traitor. ABC News supports Bush. ABC biased the NSA poll so it supported Bush."

"If only we had elected Al Gore, bin Laden would now be in his 5th year of court appeals... sigh."

And my personal favorite…

"The only thing that would suck about capturing or killing bin Laden would be that Bush's approval rating might crack 40%....he doesn't deserve the credit. "

Don’t catch him because it might help the President’s approval ratings? Are you insane?
And the left wonders why they have problems with their perceived stance on National Security?