The bleeding hearts that we need to suture.

"I can live with death for him… I am disturbed by the whole process, the idea of putting a person like him on trial -- a civilian trial with a lawyer, a stage on which to address the world and to manipulate our system for 4.5 years at incredible expense. He ought to be treated like the soldier in Al Qaeda, the unlawful combatant he is. Either left to rot in prison until the war he and Al Qaeda declared on us in 1998 is over; or like FDR and the German saboteurs – put them before a military court which does not have some of the bleeding heart litigation that you had in this civilian trial… To give them all the protections of our Constitution is a terrible mistake. It is a misunderstanding, what we have here are warriors not common criminals."
-Charles Krauthammer

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Speaking in regards to terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. I say he is dead on. We cannot allow these terrorists to start coming to US soil, have a little trial, and go on with life. They don’t want to rob us, rape us, they want to destroy us! I have a crazy thought. I say we destroy them first, no not in the courts: as in death – destruction. KILL THEM.

Honestly I don’t care if they are here or there, kill them. That is my suggested policy that will be reviewed by md, and see if it gets signed into C.I.R. law.