TDY for mdconservative

C.I.R. Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Do to the recent developments in Iran, mdconservative will have very restricted time over the next few weeks as work begins between the US, IAEA, and UN Security Council. He did not wish for the blog fall behind so he has left it in my hands. He will make comments when/if he gets the chance.

Until then you are stuck with me. I will do my best to fill his shoes, and convey whatever observations or stories he brings to my attention. I have never been a fan of the blogs myself, so I am new to the whole deal. The more I have read the various blogs md visits, it interests me. Our opinions tend to be on the same line of thought, but I am a little more blunt about things.

I am going to try to maintain the blog in the style and mindset md has developed. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or you think I am not doing CIR justice. I appreciate your comments and look forward to some good discussion. He has also instructed me that I should continue to keep up with the blogs he frequents; I will not post in his name. I will simply try to make points that I believe he would have brought up on a range of topics.