The best judge of "character"?

C.I.R. Press Editorial
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Senator John Kerry, on April 22nd, 2006:
And once again we have seen personal attacks on the character of those who speak out. Well I say this, how dare those who never wore the uniform in battle attack those who wore it all their lives.

I could not believe my ears as I heard this sputter out of (losing Presidential Candidate) Senator Kerry. Does he not know that it is the civilians in this country that run the military? Basically he just said that the majority of 296 million people are not allowed to speak out! It has been policy for years that women are not allowed to fight in battle.
To the serving females out there: Kerry just told you that your voice is of no significance.
To the pacifist anti-war organizations: Kerry just told you to shut up. You haven’t worn the uniform so you have NO right to criticize the military and its leaders.

I urge you to note that he isn’t saying that you had to wear the uniform to criticize the military. There is some feeling of truth, in the military, to that… BUT it is not true. The feeling is only one of knee-jerk and not one of real thought. He makes a point to say that you have to have worn the uniform “in battle.”

There are so many who have served honorably and never seen battle. There are bases around the world that are manned and when we go to war those bases don’t close their gates, turn on the alarm, and march off. There are still men and women working around the bases that see no battle, but if it were not for their support any war effort would be impossible. The enlisted at the back lines that repair the tanks, airplanes, helicopters, HMMWVs; but don’t see battle, they don’t count?

During the Cold War, men sat in holes in the middle of the nation manning nuclear weapons. Men at bases were on call 24/7 ready to deploy to their B-52’s on the flight strips. Men were sitting underwater for months in the Arctic Circle. Men were actually flying B-52’s 24/7 in huge circles around this hemisphere. Senator Kerry, those men never saw the face of battle, thank God. I guess their dedication and effort to the country is of no importance, their opinions should never count, correct?

Senator Kerry, you disgust me. I wear my uniform proudly; my position does not involve me being deployed. Does my voice not count? You are a disgrace to this fine country, and to the uniform you once wore. (The same one you wore out of military code before Congress, might I add.) By your dim-witted logic, I suppose the “common folk” cannot criticize politicians for they were never politicians themselves?

For those out there, there are many people over the years that have gone through the Pentagon and never seen “battle.” They have risen to high levels due to their dedication and success in other forms. Some for developing new weapons or armor, some due to years spent studying at war colleges. If your logic is so correct Senator Kerry, how is it that you could have supported placing Bill Clinton in the seat of Commander-in-Chief even though he did not serve, actually ran away from serving? Where was your outrage then?

In conclusion I am offended on many levels, but you talk about character Senator Kerry? I am overwhelming sickened and offended that your statements would seem to discount the fact that my father served in the USAF for 31 years before retiring at O6. He was never sent to battle. How dare you imply, actually outright state, that since he was never in battle… that strips him from credit of wearing the uniform for 31 years and obtaining the rank of Colonel. He is made of better character than you, in addition out ranks you. On his behalf…