I'm pointing my fingers, all of them.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Once again the Communist News Network has done it again. I seem to catch these things on the subtle notes, and just like with Christiane Amanpour it was made while interviewing a journalist (Lara Logan, who seemed un-prepped and seemed unaware that Laura Ingraham had been to Iraq). Her response with her grinning face:

I mean, we just can’t win. I think it’s an outrage to point the finger at journalists and say that this is our fault. I really do. And I think it shows an abject lack of respect for any journalist that’s prepared to come to this country and risk their lives.

I think the REAL Laura said it best when she mentioned that she was there the entire time, and never in a hotel room. Once again like my previous post on CNN this woman spoke about the journalists being safe. If that is all you are worried about stay home!

You are covering the military, during a war. Who at CNN or CBS didn't do the math to figure out that it is not like covering a party. Dangerous yes, however, if you are unwilling to risk that... to give people at home accurate reports, then you are shirking your journalistic responsibility!

Also, you are "covering" a war zone. Maybe it would be harder to criticize you if say for example you were not being interviewed from Baghdad while wearing a pressed pants-suit and pearl necklace.