Iran is mad. UN Security Council... Who knows.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- How many times in history must we go through this joke of a process? Wait, plead, beg. What purpose does the U.N. serve? I always get the feeling that I am more likely to “understand the meaning of life” before I get the answer to the UN question.

Iran buys time for months/years, on & off inspections. This has become a gigantic joke. In 2002 we have Russia constructing a nuclear reactor for Iran, one of the biggest suppliers of oil. (For only a moment I jump out on a limb and say that it isn’t because they have become huge environmentalists.) If you have no nuclear reactor and yet are found to be making fissile type material, that leaves only one reason for your creation of this material. However, build a nuclear reactor and it works as a great misdirection tool. A year later IAEA demands to inspect, does so later in the year and contests public opinion and says Iran has no nuclear weapons program. Yet years later in 2004 Iran will not fully comply with the IAEA.


Maybe they have a nuclear program? Could it be? As more and more evidence comes to light it shows that Iran was doing just what Saddam did (regardless of the weapon type). Hurry to one location, clean it up for inspections and then move everything back post-inspection. That is if ALL locations are reported by the State. Could it be that Iran kept a location or two a secret from the IAEA? But they only had these secret locations to manufacture nuclear material for peaceful reasons. Please do the math in your head on that one and let me know if that makes any sense.

The world watched as Saddam moved the military to the border with Kuwait. The U.S. warns not to attack, while the UN is content on leaning back and watching. As it continues for about a month, an Iraqi “diplomatic” delegation ends discussions and war is commenced by Iraq the following day. It was at that point that the UN threw together Resolution 660, saying Iraq is wrong. That is the problem, the UN and the rest of the world is willing to be “reactive” to events (even that is a stretch) and adamantly condemns the US when we are proactive. After war, we all know the story of spending 10 years playing with the UNSCOM garbage.

ONCE AGAIN, we are in the position of watching the international community stand by. Excuses are made as to why Iran is breaking seals to do research. That is a violation, why did the UN not jump on them right away? Now that we have sat through the no options, ok for nuclear power but you can’t make it yourself, ok Russia will make the material, we have got a dea--, Iran demands to do what it wants, no they are ok with the Russia deal since the community actually stood up.

Finally a solution, but wait once again we have Iran turning its back on the Russia deal and Russia defending Iran saying they need more time it will all work out. We now find ourselves with Russia having been turned on, kicked in the groin, used, and spat on.. with Russia saying they might just agree that Iran cannot be defended and they may change their view.

Once we work through all of that we hear from every circle that there is no point in talking about a military action. We have no troops to spare, no resources. I have heard it from bloggers, politicians, the media, friends, family, and the international community. Great way to make the country look strong folks, talk about how we have no power and are weak. Countries like this will not do anything without the military threat on the table. Considering Iran expects to bring the oncoming of Armageddon, it is a wonder if they would even fear nuclear weapons. They desire to have them so badly; they obviously have respect for them. We can stop it BEFORE it happens or maybe be lucky enough live long enough to clean it up.

I count 9 targets on the map, yes obviously there are far more than that. But let's say those are the only ones. For reference we have 21 B-2 Spirits. Then there are cruise missiles. F-117's, conventional aircraft, to top it off ICBMs/SLBMs.

Excuse me, where is our lack of military power and options?