'Dem be fightin' words.


C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The US military is an evil power set to dominate the world and destroy it all, right? When the United States decides to exert force on its own will, the international community condemns us. Tells us we need to disarm, but then every few years the “911” line in the Pentagon rings. Caller ID: United Nations, NYC.

The request, in a confidential letter to John R. Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, shows that the world body is pressing for a more aggressive military approach in dealing with armed groups in Darfur, and that it wants the United States and other Western powers to participate in that effort. (Entire article...)

I assume now the U.N. is glad that they have a superpower to call, not too many countries have vast air power. Why are they not calling Russia or China? Two reasons, they would be incapable of doing the job and it is a great way for the U.N. to try and make us divert resources from our current battles in order to stop the war in Iraq. The bonus is if we say "no" they can go about the normal "tar and feathering" of this great country.

I wonder if they realize we can most likely fight in Afghanistan, Iraq, and provide CAS. With all this talk about “civil wars”… I know one we should support, fight in, and win. That would be a civil war in the United Nations building. I am tired of holding back, I want to go country to country and find out our real friends. As for the other ones I want to plant some metaphorical “stars and stripes” throughout.

Our tanks and APCs are not white, our guns are loaded, and our helmets are not blue! We do not stand below a blue and white flag, we stand below a red, white, and blue flag.