60 Minutes (is too long!)

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Of course the lead in to the story involves “the many injured with head trauma, etc. like Woodruff.” Of course the journalist injured is the one to be the most concerned about. I only watched 60 minutes for this segment. I guess in general Wallace was pretty cordial to the guests, although his usual treatment might be frowned upon when used on disabled vets.

I am not going to drag this out, Wallace makes my point for me… Some simple facts of the segment: it involved 5 specific soldiers, 4 who support the war. (Spare me if you think that was unfair since they spend the rest of their time bashing the current administration.) I only did this with Tivo in my office so my timing very well may not be exact. As the story continued and spoke about what they wanted to do with their lives now, most spoke about helping disabled vets or people in general. Each supporting the war was given ~2 minutes time, the one against the war (whose goal was to fight the administration, and helped Cindy Sheehan) was interviewed last and given 4 minutes of time.

Ok, I admit you can say I am nit-picking. Say what you want, it spoke volumes to me. But what really hit me was Mr. Wallace’s question to a female who lived in a coma for months and with half her skull removed. As she spoke about helping others the conversation ended with:

“I’m still a soldier at heart”

“You’re still a what,” demanded Wallace!?!

“I’m still a soldier”, Jessica responded in a strong tone demanding respect.

Instead she was greeted with an astonished “you must be bullshitting me” look from Wallace. Just another time I saw a liberal, who has been part of the media for years, amazed that someone doesn’t give up on their leaders when faced with difficulty. God bless you Jessica!