N.S.A. (Never Screw Around)


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Finally a few Senators stood up and started to grasp the essence behind the intelligence community.

The non-sense of blasting everything all over the airwaves in hearings on the hill are gone. Congress is one of the biggest threats to national security. Not by intent, but as a system that must play politics to stay in place, many times they fall shy of taking a strong stand. Then there are those in Congress that do appear to have a hatred towards the intel community and military.

Senator Feingold, who takes great pride in having voted against the Patriot Act has continued to try and diminish the American fight against terrorism. He of course lost that fight. Lost the fight in trying to destroy progress made by the NSA, and now will lose the fight to stop the Patriot Act from being renewed.

Moral of the story, when the Democrats loseā€¦ America wins.