Israel: Ally or little brother?

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. --Israel is a great ally and I think that if the time comes I would fully back a bombing campaign against Iran. When I say bombing campaign, I mean campaign... not just a one day thing. It may come down to this, and if needed for stability in the world I have no problem using our power to prevent a regime to gain a nuclear weapon. This weapon may be used by them or transferred to a terrorist organization. To my original point I don't mind using our power to protect Israel, or any ally.

At the same time I do not appreciate statements like this:

"America needs to get its act together," the official said. "Until now the US administration has just been talking tough but the time has come for the Americans to begin to take tough action." (An unnamed senior Israeli defense official.)

and it makes me really look at Israel as less of an ally and more of a little brother or the person that always asks for more! Incase they didn't notice we are taking great concern of Iran. But it does not help in the world OR U.S. if bombing starts in a short time. The entire world and the citizens of the U.S. will say that we just did it because Israel demanded us to.

I think the world should protect itself first, should we decide you need help it is our choice. Israel you disappoint me. If you are worried of a bomb on your heads soon, there are better ways to communicate it to us. Look, if Israel decides to bomb Iran tonight, you really think they would not have our support? We would back them 100%. Israel is an ally, one we are careful to lookout for, and that is good.

But it is not the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. DO NOT GIVE ORDERS TO OUR MILITARY.