The almighty comes in camouflage these days.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "Three Western peace workers who were held hostage in Iraq for four months were freed in a military operation today, two weeks after their American colleague was killed in captivity." (NYT)

Our coalition forces once again did work they will never be thanked for, it disgusts me. People place themselves in danger and complain when they are kidnapped. This is a very different thing than Jill Carroll. These people did not go to Iraq to report back to the world on events, or to help in some other way. They went there to protest the war.

They did and they spent much time up close and personal with the enemy, I suppose it wasn't the Club-Med they thought it would be. For future morons: It is not like a march in Toronto or Washington, the people (enemy) that you are attempting to protect and aid actually don't give a s--t about you. They will use, torture, and kill you faster than they can praise Allah. You may not want to tell them they are Christians, by the way.

It worked, MOST of you came out of it alive! The world bitched and moaned over the war and the loss of you. God came in and saved you. WAIT! No it was coalition forces that saved you, the same people you most likely would call murderers.

"With God’s abiding kindness, we will love even our enemies. With the love of Christ, we will resist all evil. With God’s unending faithfulness, we will work to build the beloved community." (Jim Loney)

As a catholic I understand that is the way of faith, and it is terrific on paper. In reality, F--K YOU. “Love the enemies.” If that quote is true, I would press to have him executed should he ever set foot in the US. I have no respect for you. I have no problem praying for our enemies, for God to have mercy on their soul. To "love" them?

Really Jim, you "love" them? You "love" the people that kidnapped the 4 of you? You "love" the people that tortured your friend Tom Fox? You "love" the people that dragged him out and shot him time after time in the head?