Goodbye 54 electoral votes.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I am finished with California, so I am announcing that it is no longer a state. Why you ask? Because I am starting to see too much garbage and I am ill.

Time after time... College after college... Military recruiters are banned from campuses, and when they are allowed on, the students create an environment which is restrictive and dangerous. Yesterday at UCSC the students created a situation in which the recruiters left so that no students would be hurt. That is right the "killers" packed up and left to protect the morons. (Note: no quotes around morons.)

It is law that the recruiters must be allowed on campus or, ooops you lose your federal funding. For UCSC that is about $80 million I believe; I would yank that money so fast people would think there was an earthquake. But this is time after time. While it does happen in other states, California is the mother of this nonsense. It will be a US territory. Tax yourselves, no longer do your schools have federal funding, you don't get Medicare, Social Security, highway funds, NOTHING. The sovereign United States will maintain hold off all military facilities in the territory, as well as the ports. (And Desert Springs and Pebble Beach, because the golf is great.) And of course the property around the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will remain part of the US and nearby will be the US Embassy.

Another problem solved; all illegal immigrants, you get to stay: IN CALIFORNIA. Which I remind you no longer receives federal funding. Deal with the problem you Cali's. These schools are run by the state. So if there are problems I hold the STATE responsible for controlling the campuses. Now California finds itself with no federal funding for schools or to pay the "immigrants" medical bills. Too bad you should have thought about that before pissing people off.

But at least one student, Cody James, said he was disappointed that he couldn't get in to speak with the military personnel. "It's frustrating,'' said James, a senior majoring in politics. "I'm not a Republican. I'm not a conservative. I don't support the war. It's about finding a career."
Kudos to you! There is at least one patriot out there. You don't have to want war or be a republican to be a patriot; you just need to be willing to serve your country.

Isn't it a funny thing that it tends to be the pacifists that stir up protests that seem to get out of control and violent? As well it is nice that the pacifists decided to slash some tires, why not throw some rocks at the recruiters as well? Oh they did. How long is it going to be before these wastes of space start saying that once they are hired they cannot be fired? In addition they have to be hired right out of school? I ask why must we put up with Students Against War? I wish I had the authority to allow the recruiters to carry their sidearm’s when going to campuses to recruit. I would have no problem, myself, shooting a student that threw a rock at me. Bummer for them because I am guessing my aim is better and the chamber has another round well before they can pick up another rock. Am I horrible? I don't know I am sure I will be told and lectured. But this group, just to give you an idea of what purpose they serve in the US, from their website:

Welcome to the online home of Students Against War. SAW is a network of students
and other young people opposed to U.S. military interventions. We are a coalition of groups and individuals based in the upper-Midwest that was founded on the evening of September 11, 2001.

I want to continue, but that leaves me speechless!