Emergency Action Message 20060414

C.I.R. -- E.A.M. Link

In using threatening and aggressive tactics to prevent interested students from contacting military recruiters, these protesters infringed on the rights of others and acted with intimidation, intolerance and disrespect. Many did so with their faces covered, unwilling to take public responsibility for their actions.

I am honestly surprised, the Administration of UC Santa Cruz made the right move. I cannot believe that they were willing to make this type of a statement which you know has to piss off many on the campus. I am also very glad they went to the point of noting how many were covering their face! What does that make me think of? TERRORISTS! These kids were in their own way terrorists*.
*"the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion" and "one that inspires fear"

The only question is will they stand behind it, or is this just the front to make sure their $80 million hangs around.

Two days ago I made my case, and for the meantime stand by it. I want to see how things really end. The college should invite ONLY military recruiters back on campus to make up for the time lost and the people that wanted to talk to them but did not have the chance. The National Guard can do security and crowd control this time.

To listen to this jackass (UCSC “reporter”) on TV the other night saying that this protest is because of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is insane! A bunch of kids who are anti-war, some that want us to do hippie happiness chants, and the others that are just out to cause trouble and should be SHOT. (Not killed, just in the leg or something. Not the knee, too hard to repair. And avoid all arteries to prevent excessive blood loss.)