Does anyone else find it funny...

C.I.R. Press Editorial

-- That all the liberal media cares about is getting their grubby little fingers on those “banned” flag draped coffin photos? I don’t recall them trying to find images like the one above. Photos that show there are wounds but not every one is fatal. That the seaman is willing to continue to serve after being injured. And most when sent home for rehabilitation desire to be back with their “brothers”, even though it isn’t possible. The left media is left on the sidelines with their paper sales slumping due to their actions. They gave it their all, they really did. But then it just gets worse. The April recruitment numbers come in exceeding goals, how could it be?

All their effort and I am sure they are confused as to why men and women continue to serve this country. Let’s give them a pity applause. They did their best to make the country look horrible, and to make our military leaders look stupid and the grunts out to be blood-thirsty killers. To their surprise they failed. Now can we deport them?