I work for the REAL President!!! (Thinks the actor)

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Every now and then I happen to catch Maher’s show. Usually I try to avoid it for my blood pressure’s sake but tonight I couldn’t resist watching before heading to work. I had planned to speak about what a pain General Clark is. Although listening to him talk about the Democratic National Security plan was pretty funny. Instead, as I came through the gate to work this evening, I was thinking more and more of the guest from our quasi-government… known in most circles as “the West Wing.”

The show has some very good sets, the writing can be good, and I will not deny that the acting abilities of the cast is very good. However, they are a bunch of misguided arrogant hippies that actually think they run this country. Ranting over.

After using every talking point, and ranting about how horrible this administration is. How horrible the War on Terror is; favoring, I suppose, the let’s understand them not kill them approach. Now, keep in mind he has just been talking about how horrible the war in Iraq is and borderline the military in and of itself. The fact we should not be there. Then in response to the topic of criticism of the Government he had this to say:

“That’s what our soldiers are dying for in Iraq, so they can complain about the government.”

Well thank you Mr. Bradley Whitford. It went from being a useless waste of life and money… to the frontline for the fight for the freedom of speech? What an amazing fool. They are not “dying to” they are “fighting to” protect our countries safety and the freedom the people of Iraq. The soldier never goes to war to die for the ability to criticize! If you are dead you can’t speak. Soldiers are willing to place their tail in the line of fire for YOUR freedom to criticize the Govt. YOUR ability to have safety at home.

The most honorable part of service to your country is the fact that you are not doing it for yourself, as he seems to believe. It is honorable because you are doing it for the few you know, but the hundreds of millions you do not. I would really love to know what Mr. Whitford has done for the soldiers? There are the few in Hollywood willing to aid the soldiers, regardless of their opinion of the policy. But far too many feel that counting their recent paycheck is plenty of service.

Hypocritical? Yes, but at the same time it will be nice along the road to defeating terrorism to have him and his likes not involved. Because then we can say “we did it, and without you!” I wonder if he thinks he gets much respect among service members. If he does, well he feels a sentiment that does not exist. He is a pathetic little man, that does this country a service by staying on the screens and staying the hell out of the way.