Meet the Murtha

C.I.R. Press Editorial
(Larger text used so your don't get a headache reading.)

One statement that Congressman Murtha made was an important one. It spoke to the type of war we are fighting. We are fighting on the ground but it is in whole a war on terror which is more of a mindset. He speaks truth when he says “we are fighting a war of ideas and ideals.” Yes, but it goes both ways. The fight is also at home for the support of this war on terror. Everyone is focused on Iraq as part of this war, so I’d wonder how Murtha explains the positive results that can be achieved in this “war of ideas” when he earlier said, “If you’re not winning, if you’re losing … and that’s what’s happening.” And yet even earlier he says “all of us know how important it is internationally to win this war.” Later he discusses how America is in the dump with the rest of the world and we need to change that. Well he wants to leave the war zone, to gain support in the world. Well which is it: Win the war, or leave?

Tim Russert brought up a very good point. He quoted Murtha, “You did say on ’05 "our military has done everything asked of them. The US cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily" … the killing of Zarqawi was a military accomplishment, so the military could do more.” Of course Murtha tried to downplay it in many ways.

There was this argument that it was done from the “outside”, which is an important argument to make in order to support his “re-deploy” concept. However a flag went up in my head when he said that, and later he confirmed it in a quick low voice manner saying how no one knows where the planes came from. The F-16 Falcons could have very well taken off from a base inside the country. Later he wandered into the realm of non-sense by listing countries to “re-deploy” to. One of the places was Okinawa! When Russert seemed to be speechless Murtha replied with “our fighters can fly very quickly.” Holy cow, I was unaware that fighter aircraft are able to fly “quickly.” Anyone that wants to support someone that says “re-deploy” from Iraq, but still be able to respond with fighter and attack support in Iraq, and on the list (I don’t care that it was last) has Okinawa… is sorely wrong!

As for his contention over and over that doing things from the outside is the best way, his main proof is that of the Zarqawi killing. As much as he contends that it was all Iraq and we just dropped the bombs, the military had been working hard to track them in coordination with the Iraqi government. I wonder if we were “re-deployed” if the 11 man unit would have been able to be on scene in 29 minutes post bombing? My personal belief is no. Why is that important? You need people at a site like that ASAP to gather remaining intelligence before it is blown away by wind, burned or destroyed by other terrorists, or consumed by any remaining fire resulting from the bombs.

“Even in Somalia Clinton made the decision to change direction,” Murtha. Yes he did and since then every terrorist and enemy of the US feel they only need to kill a few and entire military will run from the fight and the US will leave them the hell alone. Terrorists use that horrible incident as a blueprint to fight their wars. Murtha wants more examples like that to the rest of the world? His contention that the stress and heat is too much for our troops, this war is just too harsh. We need to get out because he goes to the hospitals and sees the families, they can’t take anymore. He is very good at coming up with examples of other wars, I challenge him:

Find me one war in the past, any war at all, that was “easy” and not “hard” on the families. I need not wait for an answer because there is not a single war that was not harsh on troops, families, and the country. And as for his concern for the lack of equipment. Why is he not on the floor of the House demanding that the GM factories stop making cars and switch to making tanks and HMMWVs for a period. Make LL Bean manufacture BDUs (fatigues). Nike can switch to making boots.

What Gates retiring and giving his personal money to charity has to do with Murtha’s new and improved slogan “stay the course, is stay and pay” I have no idea. Yes we are all aware 1%, or such a small number are actually fighting in this war. We know it is hot in Iraq. We know military equipment is heavy. Where the hell did his perception come from, that all Americans think the troops are going to Disney World? I am sorry the War on Terror has an expensive price tag Mr. Murtha, but without it all this security and education you want to throw out as an excuse to end the war would not be safe.

Although I think I figured out why Hollywood is so mad about the war. Murtha of course feels we must now raise taxes to pay for the war (and all the other stuff he wants to pump money into) and who does he want to raise taxes on… of course that upper evil percentage of the rich. So logic says that the faster the Hollywood elite can go about ending the war, the better their bank accounts will be. While of course they produce and profit from war movies and shows about war and the military. Wow. Hypocritical?

Of course we have Murtha with his normal lines, in response to a clip of Rove:

“He’s in New Hampshire, he’s making a political statement. He’s sitting in his air conditioned office, on his big fat [long awkward pause] backside. Saying stay the course, that’s not a plan. I don’t know what his military experience is, but that’s a political statement. This is a policy difference between me and the White House.”

Newsflash, the way our system works is that policy comes from our political system (dictionary definition: activity within a political party or organization that is concerned with debate and the creation and carrying out of distinctive policies rather than merely the administration of the state).

If I hear that stupid “air condition” line one more time! Am I to assume that the good Congressman keeps the heat in HIS office at 130 degrees to make sure his “policy” is correct? I doubt it. Now he clearly states this is between him and the White House. I thought it was for the troops, or is it as it seems, really some kind of personal issue he has? Of course we are confronted with the idea that you have to have served in the military to have any say. Then some on the left go further. If you are a veteran and support the war, are you a “war” veteran? Each time a little further, why don’t they come clean and just say “if you are not Murtha we think you are wrong and shut up.”

As he continues he went in to the topic of the White House promoting people who made mistakes as opposed to firing them. He needs to re-read his history, I think all would say that Fleet Admiral Nimitz was a great man, and military officer. After the attack on Pearl Harbor he was sent to take command and rebuild for the fight. When he arrived all expected him to court-martial, demote, or re-assign those already there during the attack to build a new command. The point is the answer to everything is not “start over.” Instead:

“…the extreme loyalty he received from his staff, much of which he inherited at Pearl Harbor from Admiral Kimmel, and who he neither blamed for, nor replaced, after the disaster. This was typical of the man. Once, when asked about not relieving a captain whose ship had run aground, he reminded his audience that he had been almost cashiered for the same offense.” - Wikipedia

In conclusion, a few of his claims. Such as the Administration is trying to find a way to get out, but they don’t want to have to admit they are wrong. The Congressman is essentially accusing the President of being willing to allow US men and women to die just so he doesn’t have to say he was wrong? Come on, if you believe that, well… I don’t know what to say. If he says Iraq is the number one issue in the polls, why does the new democrat plan avoid any mention of Iraq?

Do to the polls, Congressman Murtha has a message to the American public (yes this is in quotes):

“Well I think the public would have to be portrayed as cut and runners.”