C.I.R. Press Note

UNDISCLOSED, U.S.A. – I have heard it a bit in the past and Chris Wallace brought it up this morning. “This year we will have been in Iraq for as long as we were in WWII.” That may very well be true, the problem is that the length of time will be used to compare the two wars and make people think of what a great loss was suffered during WWII. Every life is important; every troop that sacrifices their life for their country deserves a place at the highest seat of honor.

But for those who are mathematically challenged I’d like to point out something. During WWII 407,300 brave men lost their lives. With the death toll in Iraq now passing 2,500… we have lost .006 in the same time frame as we did in WWII. So before you allow yourself or anyone to make the false assumption that life is lost proportionate to time, it is not.

God bless those who have been injured or lost their life.