Illegal to have the upper-hand on terrorists!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Over the last weeks we have been rejoicing about the uncovering of a massive terrorist plot to blow up planes mid-flight coming from England. How was that done? By intelligence work performed by the English government in cooperation with multiple other countries. This was a massive success and thank God that it was stopped.

And on the heels of that success comes Federal Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruling that the NSA TSP is illegal. Fantastic, almost moments after a plot is prevented… the thought that people angry over legitimate counter-terrorist activities apparently trumps the idea that the program could, and very well may have already prevented multiple planes or other plots (bridges being blown up) and no one knows how many lives saved. If there is another attack, you know on whose hands I will place the blood.

Ironically, she is a judge appointed by President Carter who also signed in to law FISA. He also holds the title of being the first to go around FISA less than a year after HE signed it in to law! Executive Order #12139 I guess the fact that she helped Carter get elected means it is ok for him to overlook FISA but not the current president.

This is a disgrace, not because of the politics but because of the fact that it is a court order that only hampers our fight on terrorism. It essentially has the possible implication of making terrorist attacks on our homeland more likely to succeed. How many of those have there been since 9/11 and POTUS stared down the terrorists? NONE. Could it possibly have anything to do with efforts and changes President Bush has made in the intelligence community? YES.


[UPDATE: 20060817 1445hrs] DoJ to appeal.
[UPDATE: 20060823] “This potential conflict of interest merits serious investigation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “If Judge Diggs Taylor failed to disclose this link to a plaintiff in a case before her court, it would certainly call into question her judgment.”