I thought the military was racist!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hold on a second. I thought that the Department of Defense was racist and only sends the poor inner-city “kids” and mostly black off to war to die? Apparently those that don’t believe the DoD’s numbers (figure 3) that showcase that the numbers of poor joining is going down and the middle-class enlistment is going up… now have an unlikely opponent. The NAACP. Please let me see someone on the left try and accuse the NAACP as being in the Administrations or DoD’s pocket.

“The NAACP honored Defense Department military and civilian personnel who made outstanding contributions to equal opportunity in the armed forces during the civil rights organizations 31st Annual Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Awards dinner [on] July 18.”
But this is a one time thing, just now this is happening with all the pressure right?

“Green told the more than 400 attendees that the NAACP appreciates the role the Defense and Veterans Affairs Departments have historically played in the advancement of women and minorities.”
OK, so when others accuse the military of treating minorities poorly what else can you call that but a lie? If the NAACP thinks that minorities are getting a fair shake when joining the military and the progress does nothing but grow… well not that I needed to be told but that should put the nail in the coffin of the “taking the youth of the inner-city and shoving them in a job they really don’t want and won’t go anywhere because they are left with no options in life but to die in the military” argument.