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WASHINGTON, D.C. – I woke up the other morning to one of the funniest emails I have ever read. As from my replies at other blogs and my own postings here I think all know I am not a fan of Representative John Murtha. So, when I received an email from the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) asking me for money, it was the norm… but this one was written by Murtha.

As if they thought I EVER would, they have now put the nail in the coffin of me ever considering helping out the democratic party. This was just a riot. As the democrats bitch and moan over the republicans playing politics with the war, can someone explain to me what this is:

Subject: Cut the “Traitor” Talk

Dear __________ ,

To all the Republicans who sit in their air-conditioned offices and talk of the courage it takes for them to keep young kids in harm's way - I say enough. Karl Rove talking about "cutting and running" while he sits on his big, fat backside-saying "stay the course." I say enough! That's not a plan! We've got to have a new direction, and it's clear we need more Democrats in Congress to get that done.

No matter how obvious the mistakes in Iraq become, or how many Americans get fed up, Republicans in Congress and the White House will label you a traitor to your country if you stand up and question them.

I'm not naïve enough to think it won't be an issue in the election year but accusing people of being unpatriotic cheats good Americans out of any chance for a real resolution to the mess in Iraq.
And while this issue of war is neither a Democratic nor a Republican one, the need for new leadership in the House is clearly an issue.

While the Republicans have been busy name calling, the situation in Iraq has only gotten worse. The insurgency has grown exponentially. IED attacks, where our troops are sitting ducks for an enemy they can't even see, have increased steadily. And the patience of the American people for this flawed policy is running out.

We need to put an end to these outrageous attacks on people who disagree with Bush and his Rubber Stamp Republican Congress's "sit and watch" plan for Iraq. My colleagues in the House Democratic leadership are so committed to winning a Democratic majority that they have offered to match all contributions that come in from before midnight on June 30th.

With a Democratic majority, we would have an honest debate about the war. The American people's concerns and opposition would be recognized.

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Last week, during the House floor debate, I hoped the Republicans would have realized that the majority of the American people do not support this war. I hoped that they would have recognized that the American people need more from their government than a Republican Congress that asks no questions and demands no answers. But that didn't happen, and it's clear we need a Democratic majority to chart a new course.

When I offered a concrete plan to get our troops out of harm's way, where they have become the target, I didn't expect every member of Congress or every candidate to agree with my specific proposal in this debate. But I did expect them to acknowledge that there is more to be done than sitting and watching.

Double Your Impact Now With a Matched Gift and Help Win a Democratic Majority. (link to give $$$)

Thank you for all your help, it's so important.

Sincerely, Jack MurthaMember of Congress,
Pennsylvania's 12th District

P.S. I hope you will join me in my fight. Our candidates have to be able to fight back against the Rove Machine's traitor
talk in order to start getting Congress to move towards finding real solutions. We need a Democratic majority to change the direction in Iraq.
Contribute before midnight on June 30th and your contribution will be matched, doubling your impact towards winning a Democratic majority. (link to give $$$)

Ok, I get an email criticizing the war effort, saying republicans need to be booted out of office (even though he says it is not a republican or democrat issue). During the course of the email there are three links allowing me to donate money to the democrats. While I am sure people will try to counter this with the fact that “republicans are doing the same thing.” Well, the democrats are saying give us money because we think we are losing and want to retreat from Iraq.

The republicans want to win, to send a strong message to the enemies of the United States. We are trying to help the war effort and keep the fight overseas as opposed to on the streets of cities in CONUS. But the democrats want to raise money to essentially stop the war and make us out to be the laughing stock of the world by having us perceived as sticking our tail between our legs and scamper off like a punished pet.


PS – On a small side note, were you all aware that ONLY republicans have air conditioning? (note first line of the email) As I have said before, Murtha declares the temperature in Iraq is 130 degrees. Well does he keep his office at THAT temperature to make sure his “ex-Marine ass” makes the correct decisions?

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