Democrats: We'll use you dead or alive.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– First it was stealing the credit records of a black republican senatorial candidate on the DSCC side, now they see fit to use the image of flag draped coffins to raise money on the congressional side. This is quite disgusting, I know many on the left think it is fine. Although it is very funny to me that after the anti-military anti-Bush side, the uplifting music cues and step in Democrats. And what is one of the first things? A MILITARY PILOT TAKING OFF AND GIVING A THUMBS UP!

So instead of taking one path they are going with both. Most on the right get military families that support them and go the positive route. Well the left seems fine with USING the flag draped coffins and at the same time say “look the military is giving us a thumbs up.” Do they want us dead or alive… To those who developed, decided what to place in the ad, and those who support this ad and all contained within I am now formally lost on their patriotism. There I said it. Does that mean they do not have the right to, no. I have the right to join the KKK, that does not make it right.

Do you want the military dead so you can show their coffins? Or alive so you can use clips taken out of context? Out of context you say… yes I do! Because that situation happens when the pilot gives a thumb up to the crew to let him know he is ready for takeoff. They would like you to believe he is giving a thumbs up to the democrats. I doubt there is any military pilot that would ask for his image to be used to raise money by having his image come moments after showing the flag draped coffins.


*The sentences in red were added to try and fine-tune my opinion for the readers.*

[UPDATE:] "Our service men and women deserve our utmost respect," Norman wrote in a letter sent out late Wednesday. He urged Spratt to tell Emanuel "it is despicable that he is choosing to seek campaign cash through exploiting the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. He is disgracing their memory."

"I strongly recommend that you pull this ad and delete both of these clips before running it again," Spratt wrote Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, in a letter dated Thursday.

[UPDATE:] The DCCC has decided to pull the ad. Dems pull ad - "Going in another Direction" (h/t ChickenHawk Express)