Emmy time?!

C.I.R. Arts and Entertainment Department

For kicks a good friend has convinced me to give up some of my time to watch the Emmy’s with the idea to see who says the nuttiest crap about the President and world events. This is a huge sidetrack from my normal topics, but I figured I would have some fun. This will be the first Emmy’s I have ever watched, most likely the last.

It will be interesting how well “24” does, considering it is such a nasty program depicting horrible civil rights violations for the dumb reason of saving lives. This should be fun…


And the summation is...

I know many are making a fuss about the intro, with the plane crash scene and the crash in KY yesterday. I guess there is some truth to that but the entire intro was obviously in "the can" well before any news yesterday. But for a moment if you can erase the plane scene I think the intro was pretty funny.

Conin started out quickly by a joke saying that recipients must report gift baskets to the IRS, “Ya, boy… the Bush Administration just keeps sticking it to the working man.” I think is what most fail to realize is that it was a joke. For anyone that sat there and shouted “YEAH” that is sad. If you really want to believe anyone in that room is running off a “working man” salary you are insane. As a matter of fact I thought Bush was giving the rich tax breaks?

I don’t know what kept things on time, was it really Bob being suffocated or the warning at the beginning? “Heavy handed political comments are punished by making you make out with Al Gore in a Prius.”

Then came Alan Alda, his initial Emmy’s were the result of him playing soldier, ugh. Not to mention the writer of the novel to which the series “MASH” was based was a Republican and hated the way Alda portrayed his character as a left-winger. Now he wins for his part on West Wing – Wasn’t he the Republican candidate? I guess him playing a republican shows he is in deed one helluva actor.

Daily Show Clip:
SECSTATE Rice saying she doesn’t deal with hypothetical’s. Jon Stewart quips “In her defense the last time the administration dealt with a hypothetical we invaded Iraq.”

Bill Maher Clip:
“God told him to invade Iraq. You see, that’s what happens when you mix the New Testament and Old Milwaukee.”

Daily Show Wins and they play another clip of them taking VPOTUS to task on the accidental shooting. Apparently the only clips they have to use are ones of them taking on the Administration. No Gore, Biden, Clinton, clips on hand?

ALERT: Alec Baldwin did NOT win the Guest Actor award! Thank God! (Isn’t he supposed to be in France or something?)

Directing for a Drama Series:
Jon Cassar for “24”

Writing for a Variety:
Daily Show And of course they used a clip of Stewart making fun of the shooting incident, again.(oddly enough in Bill Maher “skit” they used photos of those they hate to be them… weird. Kristol, Snow, Hannity, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Coulter, O’Reilly, Delay, VPOTUS. They left out POTUS! Don't they still hate him?)

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:
Tony Shalhoub for “Monk” (Why do I mention this you ask? Because I think he is a great actor and really like the show.)

2 hours and 20 minutes before anyone cared to mention support for troops serving overseas. Thank you Mr. and Mrs Soprano.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
Kiefer Sutherland for “24” ( F U terrorists, and thank God the liberal fake President Sheen didn’t win.)

Drama Series:

All in all I was quite surprised; the actors were on their best behavior. Pretty damn boring actually. And in La-La land a strong minded and handed National Security platform wins top two honors. Maybe there is hope out there.