Together my ass!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

UNDISCLOSED – My tribute shall of course stand but I now go back to the demand for people to work with us in the battle against the terrorists. That means Congress get your ass in gear and pass legislation to begin tribunals, keep the NSA program up and running to continue to prevent attacks. Liberals stop your whining; if you want to hold your civil liberties as more important than preventing terrorist attacks, I think that is a sad commentary on how much you care about your fellow Americans. If you phone number is caught up in the surveillance there is a damn good reason. By the way, if you are dead you cannot make phone calls or send emails… just so you know.

Why don’t you join today, join the fight against the terrorists. We in the military are willing to put our lives in danger for you, and you are pissed about your phone call being overheard? The ACLU is a waste of space that hampers the USA in the fight and war and appears as though it actually willing trying to endanger National Security. What was the ACLU’s tribute to 9/11? “Even while the president's abuses of power diminish the light of American values, key victories since 2001 show that together we can carry the torch for freedom.” How is it together if they are suing to STOP everything the President is trying to do? That is what they had up on their site as a 9/11 tribute. "The 9/11 attacks changed many things in America, but it is still our freedoms that define us, not our fears." I don't call planes being flown into buildings killing thousands a fear to be easily disregarded, they do. Not with your help and together my ass. Join the fight, let’s go back to our roots to learn the idea of how to win:

I cannot speak for the left or those that believe using all our assets to stop terrorism is wrong, but I advocate using everything possible so that we don’t have to turn on TVs one sunny morning again only to suffer. I have a message for the terrorists, it is where I know I stand, again from our roots:


A video that reminds us what happened, and what we are fighting for in the President's words.(warning: graphic)