C.I.R. Press Memorial

I know almost every blog will have 9/11 tributes up, however the main focus for most will be the WTC towers. I pray for all the families affected by the 9/11 tragedy and for all the souls lost that day on all 4 planes… in NYC and Pennsylvania. Not that it is forgotten but obviously my personal loss came from the Pentagon attack, and it is in their honor I make this post.

Those who lost their lives at the Pentagon.

Department of Defense: A day we will never forget

On that horrible day I did not shed a tear, I was too busy working overtime to prevent further carnage. It was in the following days that I did sleep little and mourn the loss of my friends and all Americans lost that day. I shed many a tear afterwards. I make this post at the moment the plane crashed into the Pentagon 5 years ago.

184 Beams of light, one for each soul lost 5 years ago at the Pentagon. Pentagon Memorial Site.


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I politely request there be no conspiracy posts. This is a tribute to those who lost their lives. If you want to put blame on anyone in response to this post… direct it towards the terrorists. I will edit out anything I feel does anything but honor those who perished. This is not the place for those who wish to debate who did and knew what and when, there are plenty other places for that conversation. Thank you.