U.N. S.C.: Useless Nations Security Collapse

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Here we go again. Another country (repeat), same story. North Korea is in trouble now, because the tough as nails U.N. Security council has warned them that sanctions and war is possible if they test a nuclear weapon… oh excuse me, they will “suffer unspecified consequences under the U.N. Charter.” This is pathetic; the troll with the bad track suits over there must be laughing his odd haircut all the way to the test grounds. Let's hope we are not talking about something similar to this tomorrow evening.

I really don’t get the U.N. If you are serious about stopping something, as by the unanimous vote would suggest, you say what will happen. Oh but I suppose if you say you are going to throw-down if they don’t listen, you actually have to follow up with it. This is just insane. If you want the NK state not to further develop and test nuclear capabilities why don’t you say it and back it up with: “you test, we bomb your military facilities.” Ahhh, but the U.N. doesn’t have that ability.

So who do you trust more to rope in rogue states? The say almost nothing, but do absolutely 100% nothing U.N. or the U.S… that can back up its demands?

I am just tired of this yapping of how the U.S. must bow down before the U.N. Or what? They will kill us via paper cut, with all their unpaid NYC parking tickets? If most of the U.S. feels that way, that the U.N. is an ineffective waste, you can only imagine how insane dictators or nutty religious fanatics feel. Technically I guess the United States of America doesn’t exist, I mean our Constitution was not approved by the legendary all-knowing United Nations Security Council.

In all honesty people, if you are a weird dictator that starves your own people to build nuclear weapons and improve your military, you have almost no contact with the outside world, almost no electricity in your country (maybe they want “peaceful nuclear power” like Iran), do you think the words “serious consequences” from a group of people on the other side of the world means anything to you? Even when they try to sanction people say… “Oil-for-food” the program is so corrupt it is for all essential purposes helping the country’s regime, the one it was supposed to HURT! Give me a break from the U.N. can’t they just listen to Chavez and move to Venezuela?

You are the bad guy, wanting to repeat what was in the above video, would you be worried about…


That is what I thought. Peace through strength. Glad to be back.


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