Goodbye funding.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– It should come to no surprise that one of the very first things on the chopping block of the democrats is nothing other than missile defense (MD good enough for NATO, New SECDEF for MD, Hopefully). Sure while more and more countries are acquiring nuclear weapons and long range missiles why not cut back on the defense of missiles? This is like if prior to 9/11 terrorists were actively publicizing their training to hijack airplanes and the voice of half the US Government was to "cutback on airplane security." Believe me, this comes as no surprise.

Is what so many against missile defense forget is that it is not just a line of missiles on the west coast, the Navy plays a large part as well. And much of the technology used for MD is also used for systems used in theatre against shorter range missiles. I cannot understand why anyone would not want to fund the work to be able to do what is in the above photo… especially with the following:

You can refer back to prior conversations about MD: Innovation and the BMDS, "Every test has failed." News to me!, Mobile sea-based defense


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