Failure to take a stand.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

– I am glad the dems carry around their own descriptions on signs. This morning on Fox News Sunday Senator Levin literally made my point for me, that the left is more than willing to criticize but unwilling to stick their necks out for what they feel is right. Senator Levin (D) in response to a question about whether Sen. Clinton (D) could win the general election made the following comment:

I think there is a democratic tide that is running in this country for good reasons. I think 6 years of the Bush administration have given people a lot of reasons to look for democratic alternatives and it’s now up to us to show what those alternatives are…”
While I do not agree with his choice, I must say at least Sen. Dodd (D) is being honest and willing to actually take the action Levin calls for, and says the country wants, but is unwilling to take for fear of making such a vote and when Iraq is a success we would all be able to look back and ask him what he was thinking.

This is not a time for Senators, in my view, to simply declare our individual opposition to this plan. It is time we accept our obligations and offer meaningful action to stop this proposal.” (Dodd)
No, I do not agree with the substance of such “actions” but I must say Dodd gets a CIR gold star for coming forward and admitting that for those that blame the right for playing politics with Iraq to turn around and just talk is pathetic. Get a spine. You see some people leaving the Administration’s side, but not all. Many of us like the fact that the President backs up his words by actions not these pathetic meaningless resolutions. Lefties, you are in power of Congress. I thought you were going to “fix” the Iraq problem. I didn’t know that talking was the way to do that, I thought you had promised to force the Presidents hand? Back to Levin:

“It will be a very powerful message if a bi-partisan majority of the Congress say they disagree with the increased military involvement in Iraq…”
What was I mentioning earlier about the left playing politics with Iraq? Couldn’t be you say! Let’s finish Levin’s remark:

“… the worst thing we can do is vote on something, which is critical of the current policy, and lose it. Because if we lose that vote the President will use the defeat of a resolution as support for his policy. The public doesn’t support his policy; a majority of Congress doesn’t support his policy.”
I will be honest you democrats sure do confuse me. He starts by saying there is this “democratic tide” sweeping the nation, they don’t like the policy. The congress is in the democrats hands, and that majority doesn’t like the policy. YET THEY DO NOTHING! They are going to continue to do what they have been doing for years, saying they don’t like it!!! Press statements, on the talk shows, on the floor. Well now is your chance, stop talking and put your foot down… try to make a change.

I will tell you I am sick of the “he lied, they died” crowd. Well now anyone on the left that wants to place blood on the Presidents hands better be willing to put it on the Democrats hands. They have the choice to cut funding and force the President to withdraw from Iraq but as Levin FLAT OUT SAID it is too politically risky for them to try and save the lives of soldiers they claim are dying in a civil war. Lefties, that says a lot about your leaders doesn’t it? You can say the President is wrong, but at least he sticks to his convictions and is willing to take all the political heat in the world (literally) for his choices. The same cannot be said for the newly elected Congress. The left loves to talk but fails to take action. You will say I would attack them for issuing a resolution that would cut funding. Yes I would, but I could at least have some respect that they took a real stance. Not this lame legislative version of an op-ed.


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