Where they are!

C.I.R. Press Editorial

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I have just returned home after being sent out for 2 weeks of running base to base on the East Coast. I am tired and I apologize for my inability to maintain CIR while I was gone. I am going to bed, I am tired. But I thought I would get a discussion going.

In the past years the big argument or should I say defense from the left is that they aren’t against the “War on Terror” just the war in Iraq because it has nothing to do with the overall war. For the sake of argument we shall pretend that is the case. Confront a liberal on them being weak on terrorist and you get the cookie cutter response:

We should go after terrorists where they are, they just aren’t in Iraq and Bush screwed up.”

Well here is your chance to stand behind your words. In recent days we have been assaulting Al Qaeda terrorists in Somalia. The President used military force to go after terrorists where they were. Now… the EU and Arab League have come out swinging (of course) at the Pentagon, Washington, and of course the Administration. To the left I ask, do we continue to go after the terrorists “where they are” or do we listen to Europe? Here is a fresh new example completely apart from Iraq, you can’t use the “I was mislead with stories of WMDs” excuse here. There are terrorists in Somalia, do we kill them?

Interested to see the responses.


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