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Subtitled: Straight talk, but no walk.

. – Today was my first day back at work, which made me very happy and busy. I wanted to write about this earlier today but did not have the chance. Yes Rook, you underestimate me.

I spent the early hours doing my therapy to the wonderful sounds of C-SPAN and the Senate debating the dumbest of things. Basically that the Congress would now take the job of the Pentagon, and the fact that everyone knows POTUS will veto the bill and they do not have the votes to force America in to failure, yet.

One of the things that pisses me off is that we pay the lawmakers to spend our money and make law and yet most of the time they don’t even attend conference hearings etc. I really hate to see a hearing going on and watch a member berate a guest knowing they cannot respond in kind and then after they have their five minutes they jump up and leave the room. That goes for ALL members of Congress. Do your damn jobs and pay attention and put in your time.

You know what pisses me off even more? When people have one taxpayer funded job and don’t really do it in order to try and get another taxpayer funded job. Say for example a Senator that is running around campaigning for a higher office. It annoyed me when Lieberman did, Kerry did, and now Senator John McCain. I understand it is not a perfect world, but I think it would say a lot to step down in order to run for another office. But nothing like job security! And with the war debate in the senate, I believe the vote was to be on Saturday but they held it after the debate today.

Senator McCain is a true war hero in every possible sense. I believe he is a good man, a good Senator (for the most part), but he severely risked losing my vote today. For a man that has taken the President to task on HOW the war is being handled, but continued to support the mission… to not attend the debate, not be on the record on this important vote. I know the excuses. “It was going to pass anyway.” I DO NOT CARE.

What does this say to young voters out there, republican or democrat? Only vote if you think you will win. How about doing your God damn job Senator, I know it must be tough trying to campaign with only a YEAR AND A HALF LEFT. Throughout the day I started to notice his absence and began to contact his offices and campaign. When asked “will the Senator be coming back to DC in order to vote on the war bill” the response was “I can’t tell you the answer to that, it would depend on when the vote is.” Then I actually had staffers conclude with “do you know when the vote is?” Yes, they didn’t know when the vote was.

In conclusion if you are going to support this war, if you are going to champion it, if you are trying to be the next CINC then act like it and do your duty and actually walk the talk Senator. And no Rook, you did not inspire this. It is all from the heart and if it wasn’t then I would not have been on the phone with his offices around noon asking the questions I was. I read that many Democrats were altering their campaign schedules on Saturday to cancel or postpone events in order to come back to DC to vote on the bill. I am guessing I disagree with their vote, maybe they were doing it for political reasons, but kudos to those who were willing to at least go on the official record when it mattered.

When only three Senators don’t vote and 2/3 of them are Republicans… and together out of state; and the only democrat not to vote is not there because he is in the hospital recovering from (I believe) a stroke… that is sad. McCain and Graham should think about that. 'Saying it' is nice Senator McCain, making sure you attend votes that impact the war effort is better… in the future you will have to decide what to put first… the war and the countries national security, or your political ambitions.

You say you would rather lose the campaign, but win the war. After this showing I do not know how sure I can be of that. You have surprised me, and not in the positive way.

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