I am just making a post on behalf of MD. He suffered a fairly severe head trauma injury when exiting a transport. He will be back ASAP, and is doing well. There was a fracture of the skull but all seems to appear to have a positive outcome down the road.



Thank you all for your kind words and wishes. My head was struck several days ago by a metal support bar of some kind while exiting a transport here in CONUS. I was out and had a fracture/chip of sorts of my skull. I underwent surgery to relieve swelling. I now have some high end composite materials and screws under my scalp.

The swelling has caused some issues with my hand, so I will be off work pending review and recovery. In the mean time I will be doing some rehabilitation and hope to continue with my job in the future, but if not I will find other ways to serve the nation. Once again thank you for your words of support. I should be around the blogs a good deal in the coming weeks and possible months.