Rep. throws in the towel.

C.I.R. Press Editorial

-- Rep. Stephen Cohen (D-TN) spoke on the floor of the house this morning. In a boxing metaphor of sorts he compared the insurgent fighters in Iraq to Mohammed Ali, and the United States Military as a lesser boxer that should have never dared been in the same ring. Here are his words not mine:

“What a good trainer would do is throw in the towel, and say we quit.”

Does he represent the US or what the terrorists around the world want to hear? Nothing like “support” from your elected leaders that don’t just feel content saying you cannot win but actually take it to the point of comparing the US in to a weaker power that is just unable to have the strength to win! You may not sir, but the military of the United States will undertake any task given to it and does not run from something that is a “hard fight.” Can I please now assume that I won't get lectures from the left that they are not for "cut and run"?

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