C.I.R. Press Editorial

-- First off it is not “Mister.” It is either “Mr. President” or “President George Bush.”

I love these hyphenated titles. “Iraqi-American.” He was born in America, don’t mistake this as some poor guy that was stuck in the battle in downtown Fallujah and has since moved here and is only NOW living the American Dream. His family is in Southern California and owns a liquor store. He graduated from the University of San Diego.

So where does he get off singing at one moment from the American perspective and the very next moment he is an Iraqi mad at the USA Governement? What? As an “Irish-American” I don’t BS that I am from the “hood” in Ireland. I wasn’t complaining about the harsh treatment of the IRA. Good grief. This whole “we don’t need you spilling our blood in Iraq” and right next to it “what has happened we were proud for 200 years”, which is it? Fun to play both sides isn’t it? Must be a Kerry fan.

“[He] gets right up in our faces, mixing explosive, Middle Eastern tinged beats with incendiary rhymes in an effort to shatter those ugly stereotypes that have plagued people who look like him since 9/11 and the start of the Iraq war.”

That is a good way to get rid of bad stereotypes, act all pissed off at those you claim acted irrationally towards you. Good logic.

“A lot of people hear my lyrics and hear the anti-Bush, antiwar sentiment and assume I’m a terrorist or I hate the U.S. But that’s not the case. I was born here but my parents were born in Baghdad.”

HUH, why did they leave? TIMZ, I thought Iraq was a paradise? The land where the Garden of Eden was, oh that is right the Garden of Eden was replaced by Saddam with a mass grave. I am not calling you a terrorist, I do question your logic. And I find it funny that you sing about “there is a war outside.” Well in SOCal the only war outside is a gang war. On Hannity and Colmes you said “I’ve come to this country…” don’t try to trick people into thinking you are from Iraq and suffered the pains of being in the middle of the war when:
- You live, HERE.
- You graduated from college, HERE.
- You recorded a CD, HERE.
- You hang out around stadiums, HERE.
- You spent 3 months of your 20+ year life in Iraq, PRIOR TO THE WAR. (So you say.)

You might say “God bless the troops” and insist you are on our side. But when you serve in uniform you represent and defend this country. When you, TIMZ, insult the country you are insulting us. You pretend you’re in Iraq in the middle of the war, say your family is there… On H&C you say you had a cousin (I believe) living in Iraq but has now left. What family are you rapping about? Your song, while it has a nice beat to it, is a lie.


PS- Which or what "bitch" are you going to burn down?
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