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– Missile defense is again making progress. As noted over at Mike’s America a new article came out with Brigadier General O’Oreilly saying he is confident that the homeland should be defended within a year. This has come on the heels of a successful test at the Pacific Missile Range Facility. As the continual testing goes on of our systems White Sands Missile Range has become unacceptable as a testing ground. The defense missiles now testing cover too much ground and would go out of the range. (This is where “Trinity” the first nuclear bomb was detonated, to give you perspective on the amount of ground these systems cover.)

Complimenting the Patriot (PAC-3) the THAAD can reach out further but is still mobile. People do not realize that much of the missile defense systems focus not only on protecting the homeland but also our interests (military and non-military) abroad.

“The Ballistic Missile Defense System now in development and testing will be capable of providing a layered defense for the U.S. homeland, its deployed forces, friends and allies against ballistic missiles of all ranges in all phases of flight. The higher-altitude and theater-wide protection offered by THAAD provides more protection of larger areas than lower-tier systems like Patriot alone. THAAD can be transported by air to wherever it is needed worldwide, and consists of radar, fire control unit, missile launchers, and interceptor missiles.” (MDA News Release Jan 27)

As the flight testing for the airframe continues, the ABL (Airborne Laser) will now fire its weapon in flight. This modified 747 tracks missiles in theater and destroys them after launch (phase 1 of flight).

To show you how the entire system is designed to work, I stumbled across this animation which I am sure many will call science-fiction. It is a pretty good demonstration of the possible results if the MDA is supported. This is in no way an official Government video. However, the components used do exist.

To those who want to post and say “This will never work” or “What a dream.” Well…
This will never work...
What a dream...

Did those things happen overnight? No. Were they free? No. Were there no failures along the way?” Of course there were. Those that want to say MD is expensive and you don’t want to pay for it, fine. Those that want to say “it will never work” : If you had been in charge we would still be taking ships to and fro Europe and around the world.

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